Morning Media Routine and New Apple iOS

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check my email. I sleep with my phone near my bed, so it’s always in reach. Right now my boyfriend and I are looking for a new apartment, so I’m always checking to see if a real estate agent got back to me about a property, or my university has emailed me something important. I’m a masters student and I’m about to begin my dissertation.

My second task of the day is typically Facebook, where I open my newsfeed and look at all the articles posted by various sites that I’ve liked and therefore get their posts in my newsfeed. I find that getting news on Facebook is very convenient, although it sounds ridiculous because people mostly use Facebook to learn news about other people they’re friends with. As an American living in the UK, I find this helpful because sometimes, especially in the entertainment industry, I feel like I’m living under a rock by living in Wales. Previously when I was in Michigan I would absorb entertainment news just by simply living. Commercials on TV for the latest films and TV shows, the 10 pm news on the TV station you were watching was inevitable, really. I guess I should find a blog where the blogger talks about upcoming films. Can anyone suggest any? If so, please comment.

Finally, I quickly check Instagram for any notifications and depending on the amount of time I have before I get out of bed, I’ll see what other people I’m following have posted.

What’s your morning media routine? Recently, Apple has announced that the new iOS (operating system for the iPhone) will be able to predict the first thing you do on your phone in the morning when you wake up. This means that when you unlock your phone in the morning, if going on Twitter is the first thing you typically do, it will have the Twitter app up and running for you as soon as you slide to unlock. It’s basically a prediction algorithm from what I’ve gathered, which is pretty convenient! I’ll be able to wake up and have email pop right up.

My question for you: what do you do first thing in the morning with your phone? What do you think of Apple’s new app prediction? I’ll see you in the comments!

-MidTwenties Gal

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2 thoughts on “Morning Media Routine and New Apple iOS

  1. The first thing I do each morning is read any text messages I have and check my email. I usually save the rest of the social media until after I’ve showered and I’m eating breakfast. I did hear about the iOS changes coming to Apple, but I’m not sure I’m a fan.


  2. First off, I love the new site. The colors and design are fantastic. Now, first thing I do is pee (LOL) and then I check my phone to see what happened while I was sleeping. Then to my Keurig, as I am reading, to brew a much-needed cup o’ joe. Then, to the computer to do a more thorough review and possibly blog.


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