Butterfly Home: A MidTwenties Gal’s Dream Decor

This weekend I went on a quick trip from Wales to Birmingham, England and I was able to bring back some quality shopping. However, a highlight of my trip was looking in the home good section of the department store, Debanhams. Although currently I’m in no position to decorate the interior of my apartment because I’m moving back to the United States in only a couple months, I’ll always enjoy looking at interior design decor as a hobby.

It reminds me of my younger days when I’d get the catalogue for Deliah’s, which was a clothing company that also did sheets, comforters and interior decorating products. When I finally went to college, my first bedding set was from Deliah’s and I loved the colors. Below is my first bedding set, the inside of the comforter matches the pillow case you see. Isn’t it cute?


I happen to love butterflies and if you do too, you’ll love it in the home. Here’s a look at all the products I loved this weekend from Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson.


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