Adult Coloring Books: A Fun Summer Activity

This past weekend I was at a friend’s house and I brought with me two drawings that were already outlined and all you needed to do was color in with felt tip markers. Mine was a seahorse and my friend’s was a Mario portrait from Nintendo. It made me think that adults should have coloring books! Below is our weekend’s project, which we had so much fun with.


Then today I went to an arts and crafts store and they had hundreds of adult coloring books! I was suddenly in heaven. After looking through several kinds I finally picked a vintage pattern coloring book. They don’t outright say “coloring book for adults,” but they say “art therapy, anti stress coloring book,” which is a fancy way of saying it. It’s true though, when I’m filling in the drawings (I actually paint them, I love watercolor) I am having a blast.  It was so hot out today so when I was home I was painting in the coloring book with a fan blowing cool air on me. Below are 3 of the books I found in store that I considered. I love all the patterns in the Indian Summer book, very summery.

I’ve looked around and it seems the best place to buy one of these is either a bookstore or online on Amazon. Since a lot of bookstores are now hard to come by, I suggest having a look on Amazon. Here’s the link. Remember, I’m currently in the United Kingdom, so those prices above are in pounds. Typically one of these books will run you about $10 , but they’re worth it!

Now I thought I’d show you today’s progress. I picked a rose pattern to start:

I sometimes forget how fulfilling hobbies such as art and painting can be. Sometimes life gets so hectic and you let things you enjoy fade away. Don’t do that! Embrace your interests, hobbies and talents and have fun.

Hope you have a great week!

-MidTwenties Gal


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