Skinny Dip London Wallet Review

My friend has recently gotten me hooked on Skinny Dip London, an online store with accessories that have all the qualities I love in day to day items such as purses and phone cases. This company is known for their shiny, bright colored accessories with themes ranging from seashells and popcorn all the way to unicorn tears. Yes, they have a unicorn tears handbag (see below). What I really love is that they have great stuff that I can actually afford! This is a huge bonus since I’m a student. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.47.34 AMAfter acquiring my seashell phone case in June for my birthday (see below), I knew I had to have the matching wallet. A beautiful lilac color, it was a similar shade to the phone case, but with a shiny metallic exterior. I’m starting to love seashells. I’m currently trying to find a handbag that has this seashell pattern, but nothing too crazy. Skinny Dip does have a purse that is just a seashell with a chain, but I prefer the pattern.
11700848_10204723645511740_4909337723965914579_nSince getting this wallet, I’ve found reasons to hold my wallet in my hand rather than throwing it back in my purse. I feel like the wallet is really fashionable and makes a statement! The outside has a smooth almost glossy finish. I do have one issue with the wallet though, but maybe as time goes on and the more I use it, this issue will go away. For me, the wallet doesn’t open wide enough. I brought this issue up with a friend who also has a wallet from the same brand and she said I just needed to break it in. There’s a photo below of the wallet open all the way.

IMG_0507I don’t think the photo really shows the issue, but it is difficult to put money in due to the movement restriction. Again, most likely it will get easier to use. I will find out soon enough! I’ve ordered 3 items from Skinny Dip London and they’ve all been really great. They ship to the US despite being an English company for only $5, which is next to nothing for international shipping.

Have a look at my other favorites items from this company below:


3 thoughts on “Skinny Dip London Wallet Review

  1. This is a super cute wallet! So many wallets are big and bulky, I like how slim this is! Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me Link Party! I hope you will join us again this week!


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