Apps I love: Colorfy. Adult Coloring Book on Your iPhone!

I’ve come across an app for iOS that I think you midtwenties gals will love! It’s called Colorfy and it allows you to color in an adult coloring book right on your mobile phone. Before you worry about staying in the lines, worry not! To color in you just tap the area you want to color in (as small or large as it may be) and it’s a cinch. Below are two  of my recent “creations:”

Why I love it:

First off, I have a hard time falling asleep at night. This is very calming and relaxing.

It gives me a vehicle for my creative side

You can be literally anywhere and color! No need to cart around colored pencils or markers. You can do this on the bus or subway on your morning commute!

It’s FUN

I love sharing the end results with my friends and family. Especially my grandpa. I’ll text them to him and he will be very appreciative.

The Details:

Okay, so the app is completely free and has in app purchases. There’s about 6 coloring books for free, but if you share work you’ve done via Instagram or social media, it unlocks features for free. However, if you want more color palettes, it costs $1.99.

So far I’ve paid for two of the color palettes, but it adds up. There’s no way to get the color palettes for free, unfortunately.

Let me know if you try this app and you like it. Are there any apps you’re loving that you’d like to recommend? Post in the comments below!

If you like art, stop by my Etsy store for colorful paintings and gifts! (see some below)

-MidTwenties Gal


8 thoughts on “Apps I love: Colorfy. Adult Coloring Book on Your iPhone!

  1. I really love, I’ve coloured all the pictures, and I would like to colour more but I’m can’t buy them. How could I receive more. Thank you very much for what I have coloured, it is great therapy for me.


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