10 Things To Do Before the Summer Ends

The summertime is coming to end soon and we need to make the most of it while we still can. Here is a list of things you should do before it’s over. 


  1. Go outside and enjoy watching the sunset

    I do this all the time. I’ll go for a walk with my boyfriend and we will watch the sky light up with beautiful colors and it’s always breathtaking to me. There’s something about the summer sunset that you just can’t beat in any other season. Catch a few while you still can. If you’re near a beach, why not make it an event? Invite some friends along and enjoy the setting together. Above is a photo of the sunset I took here in Wales

  2. Have a picnic

    Pack a cooler with sandwiches and bottles of water and invite friends or family to a nice scenic location. The key to a good picnic is to bring a blanket. The only thing that can truly ruin a picnic besides rain is sitting in mud or bugs. Enjoy nature while enjoying your company. Bonus points if everyone decides to leave their technology behind. It’s good to unplug sometimes!

  3. Go through your closet and declutter 

    I know it’s a pain to do, but it’s so necessary to do once a year. Look through your wardrobe and decide what to keep and what you will no longer wear. Consider donating the items or offering them to a friend. Don’t just throw them out! If you’re not going to wear the items anymore, someone less fortunate will. By the way, don’t donate underwear, but bras are okay!

  4. See your friends

    This might seem like a given, but things get so crazy during the year. Make sure you see each of your close friends properly before the summer is over. Things can get so hectic that we forget to check up on our friends! Even if it’s just for a quick coffee, catch up with the people you love.

  5. See a summer blockbuster

    Recently I saw the film Trainwreck and I absolutely loved it! For me there’s nothing better than a movie night. I especially like the previews beforehand so I can have a glimpse of similar films to come.  Why not make a night of it and go to dinner before or after? Date night doesn’t have to be just for your partner!

  6. Try something new

    It could be anything! Have you never painted before? Pick up a cheap watercolor set and give it a try. Never been fishing? Ask someone you know who has and give it a try! Trying new things helps you learn more about yourself and what you enjoy and don’t. It’s like the saying, you never know until you try. Here’s a recent painting I did of an apple. It’s a work in progress:  apple

  7. Splurge on a summer sale

    Many department stores or large scale stores have huge sales all summer long. Why not treat yourself to something you absolutely cannot live without? When it’s an end of the season sale, the handbag you’ve been admiring from a safe distance just got a little more dangerous..because it’s a little more affordable!

  8. Have some seafood

    Seafood in the summertime is the best. Grill up some scallops or if you don’t like scallops put some shrimp or salmon on the grill. Next to that you can cook some asparagus. Now I’m getting hungry!

  9. Have a bonfire

    While you’re at it, roast some marshmallows over the fire and make smores. Before the bonfire is out write a wish on a piece of paper that you want to come true over the next year and throw it into the fire. This could be a fun activity to do with friends. Here’s a bonfire I put on recently with my boyfriend and friend: 11168757_10204772216725990_3441347381719113046_n

  10. Binge on Your Latest Netflix Show

    Don’t feel guilty! Switch on that show you’ve newly discovered and love on Netflix-you know the one you think about when you’re doing chores and then reward yourself at the end of the day? Yes, that one! Shamelessly spend a day inside, in your pajamas and enjoy yourself. Currently I’m binging on Sons of Anarchy. What a great show.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer. Which one of these is a must for you before the summer ends?

-MidTwenties Gal


10 thoughts on “10 Things To Do Before the Summer Ends

  1. These are awesome, love this list! Especially the bonfires and splurging on a summer sale. Two of my favorite things to do heading into fall, although I have been known to rock bonfires until well into Fall where the fire is the only thing really keeping me warm.


  2. What a great list! Summer has mostly been hectic and stressful here, so I really appreciated your reminder to take some time to enjoy things – I definitely need to see my friends and go to the movies! I’ve wanted to see Trainwreck, too – glad you enjoyed it.

    I found you through the Painted Teacup Link party!


    Book By Book


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