Watercolors: a fun new hobby

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For Christmas my boyfriend bought me watercolors. He knew in the past I had painted with some acrylic paints, but very briefly. I played around with them for a couple weeks and hadn’t touched them since this past month.

This weekend, I sold my first painting. It’s still just a hobby. I love it, it’s so much fun. But selling paintings feels so good. Creating things that other people adore and can cherish in their home or workplace by just glancing at it. When I paint I feel like it’s the best free therapy in the world! I relax and all and any problems I have in the world dissapear. Currently my only stressor is my dissertation. I have only 8000 more words to write and it needs to be finished in two weeks. After that my new stressor will be finding a job and moving back to Michigan with my boyfriend. House hunting, moving, job hunting. All stressors that can be made easier by setting some time aside every day by picking up a paintbrush.

I hope you like my paintings! I’ve done all of the space ones in the last couple of days. I think I’ve found my specialty!

Below are my space themed paintings:

Here are some food/drink related paintings:

And some miscellanous ones:

Which ones are your favorite? After I turn in my dissertation I plan to set up an Etsy shop. If you are interested in any paintings, or having one painted for you, feel free to contact me. There’s a tab at the top of this page that says “contact me” where you can email me directly!

Or feel free to comment below and if you’re an artist or just have anything to say, feel free

-Leah/MidTwentes Gal


9 thoughts on “Watercolors: a fun new hobby

  1. Wow, at least some of these i have seen others do – and do better – elsewhere. Im not saying you should not do them, please just do not pretend its your own work.


    • You do realize that all art is imatation, right? It’s replicating the real world. If you’re calling me unoriginal, the astronaut one was a tutorial I followed by the artist, so she was fully aware that other people would be replicating it. Even so, my painting has significant differences.

      If you’re talking about my paintings as a whole, then if you read the actual blog post, I’ve only been painting one month. I’m sure a lot of people, millions, in fact, can paint much better than I can. However, I’ve just begun.

      I’m not pretending anything. These paintings are my own work. Your comment was very poorly written, I can most likely assume that this is personal for you. Take a hike, ctx169@gmail.com


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