My Favorite Boots for Fall 2015


Of course fall is all about boots (and boys). Sorry, had to throw the Ke$ha reference in there because it totally worked. The song Boots and Boys was a track from her album Animal (2010). There were a few good tracks on the album, but nothing really to write home about (in my opinion!). Anyways, back to this season’s hottest trend: boots. I’ve been online looking at my next purchase and I thought it would be a great time to share my list. I’ve been absent from my blog for about two weeks because I was finishing my dissertation.

But it’s finally done! I’ve finished my masters degree! Hurrah!

Doing research for this blog post actually lead me to buy a pair of boots. Oops! I haven’t posted them here because I will later do a review on them. Just know they’re fabulous.

Enjoy my lovely list of beautiful boots for fall 🙂

Found at DSW:

  1. Lucky Brand: Brolley Bootie $89.95
  2. Indigo Rode Kade Bootie $59.95
  3. Cougar Connect Bootie $119.95
  4. (My favorite so far) Crown Vintage Ronnie Bootie $59.95

Found at Zappos:

null (2)

  1. Rocket Dog Camilla $69.95
  2. Blowfish Pring $59
  3.  Sbicca Percussion $69.99

Found at 6pm:

  1. Coach Gates $151.20
  2. Madden Girl Draaft $47.99
  3. Rampage Idella $35.99
  4. Madden Girl Maavin $47.99

null (3)

Which boots are your favorite?

-MidTwenties Gal

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Boots for Fall 2015

  1. We live in the Portland, Oregon area so comfy boots are a must. I love the soft gray ones with the Aztec looking lining. Great finds – thanks for sharing.


  2. I like the Cougar Connect for a dressy boot for church – attractive but still simple and classic. However, with that said, I’m more likely to pick up a pair of size 4 Girls boots for every day around the farm. Adult boots are just not very well insulated and if I spend any time outdoors, I end up with frozen feet.


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