Birch Water: What you Need to Know and a Review of BelSeva Organic Birch Water

Birch trees, the source of this drink, below:


Recently I’ve heard some talk online about this tasty elixir. Last year there was a craze over coconut water and I think the next big thing will be birch water. Well, today I’m here to tell you all about this healthy drink from the birch tree and then I will review BelSeva, a company that sent me some to review on my blog. Super happy they said yes to me reviewing their product because this is the first product review I will be doing on this blog!

What you need to know:

Bitch water or birch sap is the elixir extracted from birch trees in the springtime. It has a very, very slightly sweet taste, but to me it is very crisp and refreshing. Despite it slightly sweet taste, there are only 2 calories per 3.5 ounces.

It contains no added sugar, it’s unsweetened, it’s not mixed with anything. It’s pure.

How is it extracted from the tree? Here is a little infographic by BelSeva to explain it (click to make bigger):


Now that you are more familiar with birch water, let’s try it! BelSeva sent me the product in such a nice fashion.


I was so excited when I recieved the product. I had spoken to the company the day before about trying their product and the next day I got it! That never happens! I was really impressed with their customer service. I decided to drink one in the Tetra Pak and one in a glass to see if the taste was any different. You know how a Coke tastes different in a glass than in a can? I had no such issue with this product. It tasted the same whether in a container or in a glass. BelSeva told me that the taste preservation comes directly from their choice of packaging, the Tetra Pak makes it so it’s immune to sunlight damage, which is a big issue if you’re aware of why bottled water can be terrible for you and it also does not affect the taste like many product’s packaging.


The review: I’ve only had one other birch water and this by far was the best. It tastes so crisp and refreshing and slightly sweet. The flavor of it is hard to pinpoint, but I would say it almost tastes like a honey dew melon, but with less sweetness. I know you’re thinking, hey Leah, honey dew melons aren’t very sweet! This birch water isn’t very sweet either, it just tastes of water with a slight kick that is very tasty and delightful. If you like cucumber water like I do and find it refreshing, then you’ll without a doubt love the taste of birch water. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone! I am one of those people who typically drink one of two things during the day and that’s it; one cup of coffee and the rest of the day water. If you’re like me in that respect, this birch water is a great drink to mix into your hydration routine. It’s not strong or offensive in any way like soda or fruit juice. I steer clear from both soda and fruit juice and save my calories for eating, not drinking!

I hope you liked my little review and summary of BelSeva Birch water!

-MidTwenties Gal

12 thoughts on “Birch Water: What you Need to Know and a Review of BelSeva Organic Birch Water

  1. This is very interesting Leah, I also have never heard of it. I am sure that we will hear more of it in the future as you have obviously enjoyed it and found it useful.
    Thanks for bringing this new and interesting post to Fridays Blog Booster Party #14


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